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20 Travel Tips in Travelling to Mexico

Enjoy Travelling to Mexico 

punta mita rentalMexico is an amazing country, rich in culture, history, art, religion and family traditions. It is also home of the world’s most beautiful beaches and historical cities way back from the Spanish colony. Their archaeological cultural sites are one of the most sough-out travel destinations by most people around the world.

Despite these great narrations of Mexico’s fascinating assets, the country is also a bustling country like any in the world. But not say that travelling to Mexico is such a remarkable experience no traveler should miss. Although, you are a tourist or a vacationer, that does not excuse you in acknowledging and familiarizing with some rules and customs of the Mexican people. If you understand all these, your stay will definitely be enjoyable and fun.

What to do when travelling to Mexico

Listed below are not your typical tips on how to enjoy yourself in Mexico and what activities you can do to have fun, instead these are precautions and advice on how to avoid trouble while travelling to Mexico. Let us start with what you cannot do.

  1. Do not wear shorts. Well aside from beaches and northern part of Mexico such as in Punta, Mita, shorts are actually inappropriate and are seldom worn by Mexicans while going about the city.
  2. Mind your health. Do not drink water from the tap because Mexican tap water is not drinkable. Just buy yourself bottled or purified drinking water so you won’t suffer any diarrhea or other illnesses.
  3. Wear expensive jewelries and you’re done. If you don’t want to be an eyeful for lurking thieves and criminals, you better leave your extravagant clothing, jewelry and large sums of money at your hotel or in a safer place.
  4. Don’t bring drugs. Well, this is a no-brainer actually. Bring drugs and you’ll never come out of Mexico.
  5. No-no to “NO” words. Even saying I don’t know is a bad thing. When you say no to Mexicans, it makes them feel betrayed and unsupported and you will appear rude to them.
  6. Learn a bit of Spanish phrases to get around the city quite easy. Common phrases like greetings and simple questions are easy to memorize and be familiar with.
  7.   Visit, what I’d like to think is the center of “water sports activities,” Punta Mita, Mexico. And while you are at it book yourself a luxury condo or Punta Mita rental.
  8. Lock your passport, credit, cash and other important items in the vacation rental as general precaution. You don’t want to run the risks of being targeted by thieves.
  9. Put sunscreen or sun block before you go out and bask under the sun. Mexico is known to have a strong sun.
  10. Tip with 10%-20% service charge. It is expected from tourists and vacationers.
  11. Take off your sunglasses and hats when entering a church. It’s common sense and a way of respecting a solemn place.
  12. Bring beachwears, equipments and other knick-knacks such as Sunscreen/Sun block, hats, sarong, shorts, kaftans, and books.
  13. Have the hotel or restaurant arrange a pickup for you all the time.
  14. Withdraw money from ATMs or exchange bureaus during daylight hours.
  15. Register using only your last name.
  16. Women who are travelling to Mexico alone should book under a Mr. and Mrs.
  17. Visit the markets and experience traditional food and purchase lots of souvenirs.
  18. Party in Cancun under the beach or spend a quiet time on a quiet resort like in Punta Mita, Mexico.
  19. Go diving, snorkeling, surfing and other water sports activities Mexico has to offer
  20. Enjoy your vacation no matter what.




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