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Why stay on a vacation rental than a hotel

punta mita luxury rental

We all love to stay on fancy 5-star hotels because it makes us feel pampered and important in a certain level. However, that feeling is far from what you will feel when you stay at a vacation rental.

Vacation rentals have a unique appeal to it because it emanates the feeling of home away from home. Unlike hotels where you sometimes feel swamped because of other hotel guests and oftentimes is less prioritized for more elite guests staying in the suite room while you feel less staying in a regular hotel room. (more…)

Luxurious stay at the top vacation rental in Cebu

punta mita vacation rental

If you need to stay somewhere for a vacation, might as well choose a place where you can have a luxurious stay and enjoy the ultimate relaxation you deserve. Work the kinks out of your stressful life and spend a few days at the most recommended condo vacation rental – Hacienda De Mita 206. You might have to shell out a little bit of money but everything will all be worth it. (more…)

Most Famous among the vacation rentals in Punta Mita, Mexico

Punta Mita Vacation Rentals

When talking about vacation rentals in Punta Mita, Mexico, only three names come to people’s minds: St. Regis, Four Seasons and the most recommended condo in the area – HDM 206 or Hacienda De Mita 206.

To begin with, Punta Mita is a village in Mexico that lies on the Central Pacific Coast of Mexico. Thus, providing vacationers and tourists the best of both worlds – the luxury of indoor and outdoor Mexican high society living.

Every tourist who stayed on Hacienda De Mita will vouch that the place perfectly epitomizes the aforementioned elegance of both indoor and outdoor offerings of Punta Mita, Mexico.

Stifle the Bias – What sets HDM 206 from other vacation rentals?

1. Splendid panoramic view from a very grand patio

Overlooking the magnificence of the sea, the grand patio provides vacationers a full picturesque view of the azure sea and pristine white-sand. What more is there? Well, with the pool facing the sea, you can get comfortable immersed in the cool waters while taking in the beautiful view.

2. Feel like a high profile celebrity with HDM 206 total security

Don’t worry about thieves, molesters or any criminals while you’re staying in Punta Mita, Mexico and most especially in Hacienda De Mita 206. The place offers 24/7 security with full alert guards on every gate of the premises. You can be sure that n0 harm or feeling of threat will come to you. How many vacation rentals anywhere in the world can promise that?

3.Personal House Staff to do your every bidding

Looking for a vacation where you don’t need to lift a finger? Don’t look for any Punta Mita Vacation Rentals elsewhere in Mexico when HDM 206 is here ready to cater to that particular need. When you stay on this vacation rental, you will get your own private gourmet chef, chauffeur and housekeeper. Also, a concierge will arrange everything for you, from shopping, reservations and other bookings to ensure your convenience.

4. Get health-friendly vacation rental with fitness center

Afraid that you’ll get fat while on vacation with all the gourmand eating and lazing under the sun? Well, don’t fear because Hacienda De Mita 206 has your back with their fitness center. You can stay in shape while you indulge in fattening activities (eating, sleeping or resting under the shade).

Other vacation rentals will look cheap compared to Hacienda De Mita 206

Can you name at least 20 affordable vacation rentals that do what HDM 206 does for their valued guests? It is a big bet that you can’t.

Whether what you are looking for is a place to enjoy luxurious vacation, satisfy your thrill-seeking soul with a selection of sports and outdoor activities, a romantic or family getaway, Hacienda De Mita 206 in Punta Mita, Mexico is the perfect vacation rental for you.





One word…PERFECTION!!!

Our Guest: Fox’s E. from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
Date of Stay: May 2013 Review Submitted: 08/20/2013

This property was PERFECTION & then some. . . .

40! That’s how old I’m turning this year so I wanted to celebrate with a BANG! We knew we wanted to come to the beautiful Punta Mita so we searched high & low for the perfect place.

It was exactly what I wanted to ring in the next decade of my life. It is perfectly located ON the water…and I don’t mean near it, I’m talking “walk out the door of the building, take 5 steps and feel the sand at your feet”. It’s just a golf cart ride away from the golf course, hotels, restaurants. We even walked along the beach to one of the restaurants we enjoyed. The photos do not do this property justice. Don’t get me wrong…the photos scream beauty but seeing it in person makes your jaw hit the floor.

It is EXQUISITE. Every corner of the condo was thought of & cared for. The decor is to be marveled at. The bedrooms are amazingly comfortable & spacious. The balcony is HUGE and absolutely breathtaking. It is immaculate, clean & well-maintained. You can tell that the owner really cares about the property.

Speaking of the owner, he was incredible. We never got to meet him face-to-face but he was amazing! He answered our every question…and believe me, we asked A LOT of questions. He helped us at every turn. He really made us feel like he wanted us to have the most unbelievable stay possible. And then there’s Susana. What can be said of her that hasn’t been said already. She was…a GEM. Not only is she kind & sweet. But, DANG, can she cook. She made us the most delicious meals and killer margaritas. She always had a smile on her face and was patient with our every request. Before our week with her was over, I already missed her.

The first half of my stay was spent with my closest girlfriends…we stayed up late, relaxed on the balcony & ate great food. We went paddleboarding, whale watched, explored caves & sat pool/beach side with drinks in hand. The second half of my stay was spent with my husband and two young kids. We explored the reefs, more paddleboarding, caught sea creatures with a guide, built sand castles & swam, swam, swam. Though each half of my stay was very different, this property was PERFECT for both.

I truly would stay here over & over & over again. I already cannot wait to go back. I would scream about this place from the mountaintops but I don’t want too many people to know about it. Thank you for helping to make my 40th birthday celebration one that I will never forget! Perfection, absolute perfection!

Hacienda De Mita 206 – A Place To Be

The Perfect Punta Mita Vacation Lodging

Punta mita vacation rental

There is no doubt that Mexico is the best destination for a summer vacation, most notably a luxurious Punta Mita vacation. But what is in Punta Mita, Mexico that attracts tourists from all around the world? For one, Punta Mita is a charming picturesque village surrounded by the calm blue sea and the sparkling white-sand. It entices tourists to bask under the sun and enjoy every moment in the waters whether swimming, surfing, kayaking or fishing.

However, a vacation would not be complete without an impeccable and comfortable lodging. Hacienda De Mita 206 is an exceptional vacation rental in Punta Mita, Mexico that offers a taste of luxurious lifestyle.

Punta Mita Vacation Treat: Hacienda De Mita 206

Hacienda De Mita 206 is situated at the beachfront of Punta Mita. The coastal location allows vacationers to feel the cool air and hear the sound of the sea breeze. What treats does Hacienda De Mita 206 offer to their guests?
To mention a few, the luxurious Punta Mita vacation lodge provides high-class amenities such as an infinity pool, large Jacuzzi, private massage area, and access to an exclusive Private Punta Mita Residents Beach Clubs, restaurants and the St. Regis Resort Beach Clubhouses. Now that you know what luxury awaits you at Hacienda De Mita, below are the two of the most commonly asked questions of vacationers.

How to get to Punta Mita?

Hacienda de Mita 206

Punta Mita is located at the northern part of the Banderas Bay, which is a short drive away from Puerto Vallarta. It is just a few hours away by air from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas and other cities in the United States. Just get on any regular scheduled air trips from numerous gateways in the US.

Is it safe to stay in Hacienda De Mita 206?

Hacienda De Mita 206 is a safe place to stay as well as other Punta Mita vacation rentals. Furthermore, guards are posted within the gates to double the security and maintain safety of guests and the beaches have 24-hour guard stations.
You can never go wrong with Hacienda De Mita 206 when it comes to comfort and luxury during your vacation in Mexico. Take pleasure in its spacious lodging, expansive terraces and its simple yet artistic architectural designs. What more can you ask for in a vacation wherein you can refresh, recharge and enjoy balmy serene nights and adventure-filled days. Indeed, Hacienda De Mita 206 is the best place.

Kids Adventure Camp
Our Guest: Mama G from Denver, Colorado
Date of Stay: August 2013 Review Submitted: 08/14/2013

The property was exactly as it had been described in the listing description. The photos were good but nothing can really cap it. This was PERFECT!! From the moment Jose picked us up from the airport, to Rosina (the concierge), setting up all the fabulous excursions and dinner reservations to Susanna (the housekeeper/cook) preparing the most unbelievable meals…there is not one complaint about HDM206.

My family says without a doubt this is their favorite trip EVER!!

Recommended for: Romantic getaway, sightseeing, girls getaway, age 55+, tourists without a car, families with young children, families with teenagers, adventure seekers.

What to Do in Punta Mita, Mexico

Punta Mita Vacation Rentals

Enjoy Punta Mita Vacation Rentals Offering Great Expeditions

What many people look for during a vacation in a tropical country such as Punta Mita, Mexico and the great expeditions and tours they can get in Punta Mita vacation rentals. Yes, you read that right. There are a handful of vacation rentals that offer their guests a selection of activities on top of the luxurious accommodation they provide.

It’s a matter of having a competitive edge amongst the hordes of vacation rentals in the top vacation destinations, where activities are limitless. So if you want to fully enjoy your stay in Punta Mita, make sure that the place you are staying offers these outdoor entertainments.

What does Punta Mita Vacation Rental Hacienda de Mita 206 Offer for Activities

What can you do in Punta Mita, Mexico as a way of entertainment that a vacation rental can provide? A vacation rental in Punta Mita should a beachfront property with a scenic view of white sand and beautiful waves for swimming or surfing. It should also offer activities such as kayaking, boogie boarding, fishing and can provide you everything you need for whale watching.

Expect Hacienda de Mita 206 Punta Mita Vacation rental to offer a lot of water sports for you beach bums especially a remarkable diving expedition and snorkeling.

You can also get some great golfing experience, day trip hikes, horseback riding, colonial tours since Punta Mita, Mexico is rich in history, tours on open jeeps, hot air ballooning and more. Also available is a wide range of adventure such as jungle and tropical tours, trips to a turtle sanctuary, and if you want, you can swim with the dolphins.

If you fancy intense relaxation, go for spa treatments, bird watching or just sit back and laze under the sun feeling the sea breeze on your skin.

Punta Mita Vacation Rentals Stunning Views

Selecting a vacation rental should offer you the opportunity to explore the great beaches and wonderful hideouts, as some of the most beautiful beaches are secluded and are only accessible to the privileged few. You must know that public transport is limited in the area so might as well rent a car or rent a vacation property with a very good on-road golf cart. It would be best if where you stay can arrange that to eliminate the hassle.

Either way, what is most important is that you get to your destination safely and be able to bask on the stunning hidden beaches and enjoy the wonderful restaurants. Whatever adventure you embark on during your stay, you’ll most certainly enjoy. Don’t compromise your vacation in exchange for less comparable undertakings or you won’t be able to fully enjoy other places like you will at Punta Mita, Mexico.

In the end, it is a matter of whether the Punta Mita vacation rentals you’ve selected can offer you the best experience you can enjoy on your vacation or getting the bad end of the bargain. So choose carefully.





Punta Mita Vacation Rentals
Our Guest: Bego from Guadalajara, Mexico
Date of Stay: JUly 2013 Review Submitted: 08/05/2013

Magnifica propiedad, lujosa y cómoda, vistas preciosas a una playa encantadora, club de playa realmente agradable, nuestros hijos disfrutaron muchísimo las olas, un lugar muy seguro, completamente privado donde puedes relajarte y disfrutar en familia, la recomendamos ampliamente.

Recommended for: Sightseeing, age 55+, families with young children, families with teenagers, adventure seekers.

hdm206 guest suite

All bedrooms in Hacienda de Mita 206 look sweet as candy. Every little thing you’ll see and touch gratifies your inner cravings.

The master suite gives you the delight you can’t experience at home. Apart from its king-size bed’s quality sheets and pillows, its large lounge area grants you the perfect place for watching TV, reading and dining.

HDM206 Master Bedroom

There are two guest suites in HDM206. Both are similar in class and elegance – each owns top-quality sheets and pillows, crystal-clear LCD TV and spacious lounge area. The only difference is – the first guest suite owns a king-size bed while the second homes two queen-sizes.

hdm206 first guest suite

hdm206 bedroom

If you think these three suites are enough for the whole family, think again. The fourth and last bedroom serves as an extra space for large families. It offers you two twin-beds and two single-beds.

* * * *

So, never ever forget. For luxurious condo bedrooms, choose HDM206!


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