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An amazing vacation!

The Beaches for HDM206

Our Guest: Katrina W from San Francisco

Date of Stay: May 2017 Review Submitted: June 5, 2017

As a travel professional I am typically more disappointed with properties than happily surprised. HDM206 was truly an exception – my family and I loved our experience. The booking process was easy, the concierge was very thorough and truly seemed to care about addressing our specific needs, and our chef/housekeeper was remarkable. We laughingly called our meals “death through cooking”, the meals were so good we couldn’t help ourselves.

We had not previously considered this area, and went based on the recommendation of some friends. There are excellent restaurants close by, great activities from which to choose – not least of which was the surfing.

Overall we wouldn’t hesitate to come back to Punta Mita and Hacienda de Mita 206, and to recommend this property! (P.S. HDM206 includes a golf cart, which is a big deal as you’ll need to get over to one of the beach clubs.)

What a place…

Our Pool View-from-HDM-206-Patio

What a place…
Our Guest: Dewey B from Denver, Colorado

Date of Stay: Feruary 2017 Review Submitted: June 5, 2017

Nothing short of extraordinary.

Susana is an absolute gem – we loved her so much. Amazing food and service…she works so hard!

Mike was very responsive with us and made the stay a breeze! We will be back!

Great for families

43a-Kapuri Beach 1

Our Guest: Mark C from

Date of Stay: March, 2017 Review Submitted: Jun 4, 2017

We are a family with 4 children (ages 3, 5, 14, 15). HDM206 is the PERFECT place for us and such an amazing property. Here are some reasons why HDM206 works out for us.

Service: Service is the reason we will be coming back. From the time you book your stay, the staff at HDM206 will be in contact to ensure you have everything you need before you arrive. Shirley helped us plan all our meals for the week and arranged for groceries to be at the unit when we arrived. Having a wide spread of kids’ ages requires a lot of different snacks and that was no problem for Shirley. She also arranged for all our transportation and excursions ahead of time. Then there is Susanna. I’m sure you’ve seen the other reviews and they are not exaggerating – it is amazing to have Susanna there cooking because her food is delicious. Her salsa and guacamole have ruined us for anything but fresh. She would prepare dinners for us ahead of time if we came home later and would have the breakfast meals already prepped for the next day to speed up service. You would think there was a team of people cooking for you rather than just one person. Oh, and in between meals preps, she cleans your whole house and keeps everything spotless, which is no small feat with a family with 4 kids. Finally, Mike ensures you feel welcome in the property by checking in and making sure you have no issues with ANYTHING.

Amenities: The property is so well decorated. It absolutely feels welcoming and comfortable. I can’t say it feels “homey” because our home is not this nice. 😊� It is an incredible retreat and so quiet there. The layout works for us because the 3 and 5 year old are small enough to use the bunk beds in the room that Susanna uses to store her cleaning supplies (everything is secure and safe). This 4th bedroom would not be suitable for any adults but it was perfect for our little kids. We traveled with a grandparent so the other 3 bedrooms were used by him, our older daughters, and me and my wife. These bedrooms were so spacious and comfortable that it was a good thing Susanna would make coffee for us every morning to rouse us out of bed. The beach outside HDM206 and the little shops next door to the complex and just so great and convenient, but having the use of the 6 person golf cart to explore the rest of the Punta Mita area and resorts is very convenient.

I won’t review the area or things to do because you can do anything you want in this area.

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