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Hacienda De Mita 206 Punta Mita Rentals

Punta Mita Rentals Solve Holiday Dilemma

During holidays, it is not surprising to be faced with the problem of looking for hotels as rates often go ceiling-high because of demand. With this dilemma that most tourists and vacationers face, vacation rentals have become an attractive alternative of availing more space and top-notch amenities that equal the hotels. This type of accommodation such as Punta Mita Rentals offers excellent personalized service, exclusive use of amenities and luxurious furnishings.

Punta Mita Rentals

Despite Punta Mita, Mexico looking to be somewhat a small beachfront village, there are so many vacation rentals around the area that searching for an affordable but quality Punta Mita rental can prove to be a daunting task. In order to make your search a little bit less daunting, why don’t you list top 10 vacation rentals in the area and check the pros and cons of each. Check reviews of each vacation rental and weigh every option. Better yet, check out HDM Punta Mita Vacation Rental.


Punta Mita Rentals offer Summer Snorkeling Experience

Everybody loves summer because it’s the only time people get to play on the beach, relax under the shade of a coconut tree, drink cold fruit juices and most remarkable activity of all is snorkeling. Well, people staying in Punta Mita rentals get to enjoy a lot of water sports activities such as surfing, fishing, parasailing, diving etc., but nothing beats the experience of closely looking at the colorful marine life.

Snorkeling is one aquatic adventure that you won’t ever forget even if you’ve snorkeled in several places before because each has their own unique underwater world. Although unlike the Caribbean with its rich corals, Mexico’s snorkeling spots are not so bountiful of corals but on the other hand can hold their own when it comes to underwater marine species. (more…)

Punta Mita Condo House Rental Traveler’s Advice

Vacations are sure to be fun and exciting with lots of things to explore and experience, especially during the summer when people usually opt to hit the beach. However, as Hacienda De Mita 206, a Punta Mita condo house rental, put it “in every vacation comes more than a tad bit of responsibility.” In this case, HDM 206 refers to traveling abroad.

For instance, it pays to be cautious about booking a condo house rental or commonly known as a vacation rental most especially with regards to ownership. If you must know, there have been instances wherein vacationers have been booted out mid-vacation because some so-called owners rented out the vacation rental without the “real owners” permission. Also there are risks that accompany such shady transaction that can blow your vacation and give you the fright of a lifetime such as your security.

In line with that, HDM 206 has a couple of advices when it comes to booking a Punta Mita condo house rental whether it’s Punta Mita, Mexico or any other places in the world.

punta mita condo house rental

Precautionary Measures from a Punta Mita Condo House Rental

1. Pay an advanced visit. However, if you are not in the position to do so, ask a trusted friend or a relative to check out the place for you. Make sure that you do not compromise your safety and that amenities are what it looks like in the reality compared to the pictures.

2. Have the vacation rental owner give you an estimated breakdown of your expenses plus a list of prices for the services they are offering outside the package you have paid for. This would give you a rough estimation of how much you would be required to spend.

3. Compile a list of questions that you would like the vacation rental to answer. HDM 206 for instance, is Punta Mita condo house rental that is open to questions regarding: (1) security (2) scope of services (3) service charges (4) charges and/or fees, providing references and documents to support them.

4. Research about the condo house rental you intend to occupy through travel blogs, travel review sites and testimonials of past occupants.

5. Take precautionary measures by checking out the legality of ownership and if learning whether the person you are transacting with has the right to rent out the vacation rental. Look for documents or legal papers as proof.

Punta Mita Condo House Rental HDM 206 Tips to Travelers

On a lighter note, HDM 206 shares some tips on things to consider before booking a condo house rental:

Book early – start looking for rentals, summer usually means fully booked accommodations. You don’t want to risk that.

Compare options – first pick a place, then do a thorough review on top 5 condo house rental and compare them.

Plan your stay – consider what you want to do while on vacation. You can opt for a condo house rental that offers outdoor activities. Punta Mita condo house rental for instance offers water sports activities.

Secure a contract – as mentioned above, make sure that you are always at an advantage and that you feel secure with your stay.

Consider payment methods – pay through credit card to make it easier for you to get a refund should you find something wrong with the rental.

In the end, a vacation can only be fun when you have everything in place first: an itinerary, the budget, security and the full services you expect to receive. If you go to Mexico, make sure that you choose a Punta Mita condo house rental that offers these and more.

20 Travel Tips in Travelling to Mexico

Enjoy Travelling to Mexico 

punta mita rentalMexico is an amazing country, rich in culture, history, art, religion and family traditions. It is also home of the world’s most beautiful beaches and historical cities way back from the Spanish colony. Their archaeological cultural sites are one of the most sough-out travel destinations by most people around the world.

Despite these great narrations of Mexico’s fascinating assets, the country is also a bustling country like any in the world. But not say that travelling to Mexico is such a remarkable experience no traveler should miss. Although, you are a tourist or a vacationer, that does not excuse you in acknowledging and familiarizing with some rules and customs of the Mexican people. If you understand all these, your stay will definitely be enjoyable and fun.

What to do when travelling to Mexico

Listed below are not your typical tips on how to enjoy yourself in Mexico and what activities you can do to have fun, instead these are precautions and advice on how to avoid trouble while travelling to Mexico. Let us start with what you cannot do.

  1. Do not wear shorts. Well aside from beaches and northern part of Mexico such as in Punta, Mita, shorts are actually inappropriate and are seldom worn by Mexicans while going about the city.
  2. Mind your health. Do not drink water from the tap because Mexican tap water is not drinkable. Just buy yourself bottled or purified drinking water so you won’t suffer any diarrhea or other illnesses.
  3. Wear expensive jewelries and you’re done. If you don’t want to be an eyeful for lurking thieves and criminals, you better leave your extravagant clothing, jewelry and large sums of money at your hotel or in a safer place.
  4. Don’t bring drugs. Well, this is a no-brainer actually. Bring drugs and you’ll never come out of Mexico.
  5. No-no to “NO” words. Even saying I don’t know is a bad thing. When you say no to Mexicans, it makes them feel betrayed and unsupported and you will appear rude to them.
  6. Learn a bit of Spanish phrases to get around the city quite easy. Common phrases like greetings and simple questions are easy to memorize and be familiar with.
  7.   Visit, what I’d like to think is the center of “water sports activities,” Punta Mita, Mexico. And while you are at it book yourself a luxury condo or Punta Mita rental.
  8. Lock your passport, credit, cash and other important items in the vacation rental as general precaution. You don’t want to run the risks of being targeted by thieves.
  9. Put sunscreen or sun block before you go out and bask under the sun. Mexico is known to have a strong sun.
  10. Tip with 10%-20% service charge. It is expected from tourists and vacationers.
  11. Take off your sunglasses and hats when entering a church. It’s common sense and a way of respecting a solemn place.
  12. Bring beachwears, equipments and other knick-knacks such as Sunscreen/Sun block, hats, sarong, shorts, kaftans, and books.
  13. Have the hotel or restaurant arrange a pickup for you all the time.
  14. Withdraw money from ATMs or exchange bureaus during daylight hours.
  15. Register using only your last name.
  16. Women who are travelling to Mexico alone should book under a Mr. and Mrs.
  17. Visit the markets and experience traditional food and purchase lots of souvenirs.
  18. Party in Cancun under the beach or spend a quiet time on a quiet resort like in Punta Mita, Mexico.
  19. Go diving, snorkeling, surfing and other water sports activities Mexico has to offer
  20. Enjoy your vacation no matter what.




Punta Mita Rental – Marks Mexico’s Rich Culture

punta mita rental

Travelling is on everybody’s checklist, to explore other places and meet other people from different walks of life and parts of the world. Punta Mita, Mexico is one of the most visited travel destinations and often is number one in the list of places people want to go. Why? It is home to the most exciting water sports activities and an elegant Punta Mita rental bearing the mark of Mexico’s rich culture – Hacienda De Mita 206.

Anyone who has ever stepped foot in the azure and crystal beaches of Punta Mita will vouch that the place is a magical place for the eyes to behold and the soul to experience. However, the best part is the feeling of being pampered, fed and catered to in Hacienda De Mita 206. Everywhere in this vacation rental/condo, tourists and vacationers will see the cultural influence of Mexico in the architectural structures, the furnishings, and adornment of the rooms. All these are already giving you the feel of being in a completely different world right inside the house.

Well, enough on that. Let’s talk about one thing that most vacationers oftentimes neglect when travelling for a vacation – things to bring.

What to pack in a vacation while staying in a Punta Mita Rental

Complete set of clothes

Punta Mita is a village in Mexico that is surrounded by amazing beaches, so the obvious clothes to pack are two sets of swimwear and other beach clothes (sarong, shorts, sleeveless shirts, kaftans etc.) suitable for a 5-day vacation.

Since you’ll be staying in a Punta Mita rental where there is also a gym and a golf course, be sure to bring appropriate clothes for these activities. Bring also at least one formal wear especially when you decide to eat out in a fancy restaurant in the area or if by chance you are invited on some formal functions in Punta Mita.

Health and beauty items

Whether you are a woman or a man, we all suffer from a little dose of vanity. Packing health and “vanity” items is also important. You would not want to be marred by the sun’s heat without the protection of a sun block or sunscreen nor would you allow yourself to look like a waif or a street urchin just because you forgot to bring your comb and brush. Worse, you would not want people to avoid you because of your stink, so never forget deodorant and perfume.

Beach equipments

Whether you are lounging at the beachfront of your Punta Mita Rental or going about on a water sports adventure, you need to at least have the essential accessories and equipments intended for you to enjoy the waters such as a beach tent, blanket, beach balls, towels, snorkel, fins, masks, waterproof watch, etc. However, most of these beach accessories and equipments are readily available in the Punta Mita rental where you are staying.

Miscellaneous and important documents

Other things to pack while on a vacation and staying at a wonderful Punta Mita rental are: electronics like camera, cell phones, laptop (HDM206 has WiFi), books to help you relax while lazing under the sun, money or traveler checks, itinerary, travel journal (if you have one), map of Punta Mita, printouts of your reservation, chargers, sun hat, sun glasses etc.

Make sure that you make a list of the things you’ll bring so you don’t miss a thing. It is important to have everything you need in a vacation because oftentimes buying these items in a foreign place is more expensive. Also remember, pack only what you need.



Why stay on a vacation rental than a hotel

punta mita luxury rental

We all love to stay on fancy 5-star hotels because it makes us feel pampered and important in a certain level. However, that feeling is far from what you will feel when you stay at a vacation rental.

Vacation rentals have a unique appeal to it because it emanates the feeling of home away from home. Unlike hotels where you sometimes feel swamped because of other hotel guests and oftentimes is less prioritized for more elite guests staying in the suite room while you feel less staying in a regular hotel room. (more…)

Luxurious stay at the top vacation rental in Cebu

punta mita vacation rental

If you need to stay somewhere for a vacation, might as well choose a place where you can have a luxurious stay and enjoy the ultimate relaxation you deserve. Work the kinks out of your stressful life and spend a few days at the most recommended condo vacation rental – Hacienda De Mita 206. You might have to shell out a little bit of money but everything will all be worth it. (more…)

Most Famous among the vacation rentals in Punta Mita, Mexico

Punta Mita Vacation Rentals

When talking about vacation rentals in Punta Mita, Mexico, only three names come to people’s minds: St. Regis, Four Seasons and the most recommended condo in the area – HDM 206 or Hacienda De Mita 206.

To begin with, Punta Mita is a village in Mexico that lies on the Central Pacific Coast of Mexico. Thus, providing vacationers and tourists the best of both worlds – the luxury of indoor and outdoor Mexican high society living.

Every tourist who stayed on Hacienda De Mita will vouch that the place perfectly epitomizes the aforementioned elegance of both indoor and outdoor offerings of Punta Mita, Mexico.

Stifle the Bias – What sets HDM 206 from other vacation rentals?

1. Splendid panoramic view from a very grand patio

Overlooking the magnificence of the sea, the grand patio provides vacationers a full picturesque view of the azure sea and pristine white-sand. What more is there? Well, with the pool facing the sea, you can get comfortable immersed in the cool waters while taking in the beautiful view.

2. Feel like a high profile celebrity with HDM 206 total security

Don’t worry about thieves, molesters or any criminals while you’re staying in Punta Mita, Mexico and most especially in Hacienda De Mita 206. The place offers 24/7 security with full alert guards on every gate of the premises. You can be sure that n0 harm or feeling of threat will come to you. How many vacation rentals anywhere in the world can promise that?

3.Personal House Staff to do your every bidding

Looking for a vacation where you don’t need to lift a finger? Don’t look for any Punta Mita Vacation Rentals elsewhere in Mexico when HDM 206 is here ready to cater to that particular need. When you stay on this vacation rental, you will get your own private gourmet chef, chauffeur and housekeeper. Also, a concierge will arrange everything for you, from shopping, reservations and other bookings to ensure your convenience.

4. Get health-friendly vacation rental with fitness center

Afraid that you’ll get fat while on vacation with all the gourmand eating and lazing under the sun? Well, don’t fear because Hacienda De Mita 206 has your back with their fitness center. You can stay in shape while you indulge in fattening activities (eating, sleeping or resting under the shade).

Other vacation rentals will look cheap compared to Hacienda De Mita 206

Can you name at least 20 affordable vacation rentals that do what HDM 206 does for their valued guests? It is a big bet that you can’t.

Whether what you are looking for is a place to enjoy luxurious vacation, satisfy your thrill-seeking soul with a selection of sports and outdoor activities, a romantic or family getaway, Hacienda De Mita 206 in Punta Mita, Mexico is the perfect vacation rental for you.





Hacienda De Mita 206 – A Place To Be

The Perfect Punta Mita Vacation Lodging

Punta mita vacation rental

There is no doubt that Mexico is the best destination for a summer vacation, most notably a luxurious Punta Mita vacation. But what is in Punta Mita, Mexico that attracts tourists from all around the world? For one, Punta Mita is a charming picturesque village surrounded by the calm blue sea and the sparkling white-sand. It entices tourists to bask under the sun and enjoy every moment in the waters whether swimming, surfing, kayaking or fishing.

However, a vacation would not be complete without an impeccable and comfortable lodging. Hacienda De Mita 206 is an exceptional vacation rental in Punta Mita, Mexico that offers a taste of luxurious lifestyle.

Punta Mita Vacation Treat: Hacienda De Mita 206

Hacienda De Mita 206 is situated at the beachfront of Punta Mita. The coastal location allows vacationers to feel the cool air and hear the sound of the sea breeze. What treats does Hacienda De Mita 206 offer to their guests?
To mention a few, the luxurious Punta Mita vacation lodge provides high-class amenities such as an infinity pool, large Jacuzzi, private massage area, and access to an exclusive Private Punta Mita Residents Beach Clubs, restaurants and the St. Regis Resort Beach Clubhouses. Now that you know what luxury awaits you at Hacienda De Mita, below are the two of the most commonly asked questions of vacationers.

How to get to Punta Mita?

Hacienda de Mita 206

Punta Mita is located at the northern part of the Banderas Bay, which is a short drive away from Puerto Vallarta. It is just a few hours away by air from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas and other cities in the United States. Just get on any regular scheduled air trips from numerous gateways in the US.

Is it safe to stay in Hacienda De Mita 206?

Hacienda De Mita 206 is a safe place to stay as well as other Punta Mita vacation rentals. Furthermore, guards are posted within the gates to double the security and maintain safety of guests and the beaches have 24-hour guard stations.
You can never go wrong with Hacienda De Mita 206 when it comes to comfort and luxury during your vacation in Mexico. Take pleasure in its spacious lodging, expansive terraces and its simple yet artistic architectural designs. What more can you ask for in a vacation wherein you can refresh, recharge and enjoy balmy serene nights and adventure-filled days. Indeed, Hacienda De Mita 206 is the best place.

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