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Luxurious stay at the top vacation rental in Cebu

punta mita vacation rental

If you need to stay somewhere for a vacation, might as well choose a place where you can have a luxurious stay and enjoy the ultimate relaxation you deserve. Work the kinks out of your stressful life and spend a few days at the most recommended condo vacation rental – Hacienda De Mita 206. You might have to shell out a little bit of money but everything will all be worth it.

Condo vacation rentals like Hacienda De Mita 206 offers luxury fit for a royalty or a high profile celebrity.  It’s a sure thing that you’ll have the best vacation ever, one that you will never forget.  Go and explore the wonders of Punta Mita, Mexico and go back to home-cooked meals, clean sheets and attractive seaside view.

A must visit place for an adventurous and luxurious stay

Hacienda De Mita 206 or famously known as Hacienda De Mita 206 is a 4000 sq. ft. and 60 ft. wide condo vacation rental, highly recognized for its luxurious amenities. Where do we start with these simply exquisite amenities and service that many guests have raved about?

Hacienda De Mita 206

Let’s start with the indoors:

Sleep like a baby right in the master bedroom posing a king-size bed, pristine white sheets and feathery soft pillows.

Take in the beautiful view of the sea from the grand patio enjoying all the perks that a luxurious stay affords such as sipping a satisfying drink and savoring a delectable treat that your personal chef dishes out especially for you.

If you feel cooking and making a special dish for your family or partner, you can have the whole kitchen all to yourself.  Prepare any healthy delish food you can muster to help you detoxify.

Fun-filled outdoor activities:

Never let a day pass without undertaking any of the watersports that Punta Mita, Mexico boasts of having. You can hike, surf, dive, snorkel, fish, kayak or any do other water-related activities you can think of.

You can also laze under the sun, feeling the breeze of the sea, experience the calming effect of the water and expect a sun-kissed skin most tourists have ever wanted. Another must-do in your luxurious stay in Punta Mita is their famous Whale watching tour. Watch the whales as they languidly swim, glide and jump through and out the waters.

Other must-see attractions are the museums, restaurants and the eco-tours accessible and available just a few minutes away from each destination.

No matter what indoor or outdoor activity you do, it is a sure thing that you will enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stay at Hacienda De Mita 206, considered the only Punta Mita vacation rental that provides the best vacation ever.

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