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Punta Mita Rental – Marks Mexico’s Rich Culture

punta mita rental

Travelling is on everybody’s checklist, to explore other places and meet other people from different walks of life and parts of the world. Punta Mita, Mexico is one of the most visited travel destinations and often is number one in the list of places people want to go. Why? It is home to the most exciting water sports activities and an elegant Punta Mita rental bearing the mark of Mexico’s rich culture – Hacienda De Mita 206.

Anyone who has ever stepped foot in the azure and crystal beaches of Punta Mita will vouch that the place is a magical place for the eyes to behold and the soul to experience. However, the best part is the feeling of being pampered, fed and catered to in Hacienda De Mita 206. Everywhere in this vacation rental/condo, tourists and vacationers will see the cultural influence of Mexico in the architectural structures, the furnishings, and adornment of the rooms. All these are already giving you the feel of being in a completely different world right inside the house.

Well, enough on that. Let’s talk about one thing that most vacationers oftentimes neglect when travelling for a vacation – things to bring.

What to pack in a vacation while staying in a Punta Mita Rental

Complete set of clothes

Punta Mita is a village in Mexico that is surrounded by amazing beaches, so the obvious clothes to pack are two sets of swimwear and other beach clothes (sarong, shorts, sleeveless shirts, kaftans etc.) suitable for a 5-day vacation.

Since you’ll be staying in a Punta Mita rental where there is also a gym and a golf course, be sure to bring appropriate clothes for these activities. Bring also at least one formal wear especially when you decide to eat out in a fancy restaurant in the area or if by chance you are invited on some formal functions in Punta Mita.

Health and beauty items

Whether you are a woman or a man, we all suffer from a little dose of vanity. Packing health and “vanity” items is also important. You would not want to be marred by the sun’s heat without the protection of a sun block or sunscreen nor would you allow yourself to look like a waif or a street urchin just because you forgot to bring your comb and brush. Worse, you would not want people to avoid you because of your stink, so never forget deodorant and perfume.

Beach equipments

Whether you are lounging at the beachfront of your Punta Mita Rental or going about on a water sports adventure, you need to at least have the essential accessories and equipments intended for you to enjoy the waters such as a beach tent, blanket, beach balls, towels, snorkel, fins, masks, waterproof watch, etc. However, most of these beach accessories and equipments are readily available in the Punta Mita rental where you are staying.

Miscellaneous and important documents

Other things to pack while on a vacation and staying at a wonderful Punta Mita rental are: electronics like camera, cell phones, laptop (HDM206 has WiFi), books to help you relax while lazing under the sun, money or traveler checks, itinerary, travel journal (if you have one), map of Punta Mita, printouts of your reservation, chargers, sun hat, sun glasses etc.

Make sure that you make a list of the things you’ll bring so you don’t miss a thing. It is important to have everything you need in a vacation because oftentimes buying these items in a foreign place is more expensive. Also remember, pack only what you need.



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