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Why stay on a vacation rental than a hotel

punta mita luxury rental

We all love to stay on fancy 5-star hotels because it makes us feel pampered and important in a certain level. However, that feeling is far from what you will feel when you stay at a vacation rental.

Vacation rentals have a unique appeal to it because it emanates the feeling of home away from home. Unlike hotels where you sometimes feel swamped because of other hotel guests and oftentimes is less prioritized for more elite guests staying in the suite room while you feel less staying in a regular hotel room.

When you stay in a vacation rental one such as that of Punta Mita luxury rental in Mexico, you don’t need to wait in line to be served or catered to by staff because you’ll have your own personal staff to take care of your every need.

Vacation rental offers exclusivity

Don’t you want to stay in place where you can relax, unwind or do whatever you want without care of what others might think of you?  Of course you do. That is what vacation rentals offer – exclusivity. You, alone, can be the king or queen of the fortress. No more feeling less significant or whatever defeatist nonsense you may have, comparing your own luxury to another.

Vacation rental is your private sanctuary

A vacation is synonymous to relaxation, de-stressing, and detoxifying from all the negative energies brought by the challenges in your life. So, when you stay at a vacation rental you will have the place all to yourself or with someone important to you and you can keep your privacy. Hotels do not afford the same luxury, as there will always be a horde of passing onlookers minding “your” business rather than theirs.

Comfort and style in a vacation rental

You want to stay in a chic place and feel like a high profile celebrity or a socialite, a jetsetter if you must. Then a vacation rental is more your style. You can take a dip in a pool with the ocean just within your sighting or watch the dolphins do their somersaults in the waters right in a grand patio overlooking. The staff is at your beck and call and you are well taken care of with all your needs attended. If you don’t perceive that as a way of living it up, then I don’t know what luxury is for you.

Punta Mita luxury rental like Hacienda De Mita 206 provide all these and more. Exceptional service, grand fit for royalty rooms, topnotch amenities, grand patio, access to exclusive clubs and the famed world-class golf course and mind-blowing adventures and sightings unlike no other are only a few perks you’ll receive when you stay at a vacation rental in Punta Mita, Mexico.



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